Why should I stay in an apartment and not in a hotel when there are numerous hotel options available in Goa?

An apartment offers you much more space in much lesser cost. This simply means that a family of four wishing to stay together do not have to get accommodated in different rooms like in a hotel. An apartment comes at less than 50% cost of a hotel of similar quality. It also offers a lot of privacy than compared to a hotel.

Hotel provides a lot of other services and facilities. Will we get the same facilities like laundry, housekeeping, toiletries etc?

Yes, all guests will get a complimentary start up kit which includes toiletries. Fresh bed linen, bath towels etc are provided and are changed after every 3rd day and replaced with fresh linen. You would not need laundry service for your personal clothes as there is a fully automatic front loading washing machine available along with an ironing board. So it saves a huge cost unlike in a hotel. Cleaning services are provided everyday, which includes, cleaning of the house, mopping, washing utensils, making up of the beds etc.

Do you provide tea/coffee and other room services?

There are utensils and an electric kettle in the kitchen. We also provide our guests a few tea bags, sugar and milk on arrival. Room service is not provided as it is a self service apartment. However, there are few joints who deliver at the apartment. There are various good restaurants nearby, which are open till late in the night and few of these places are at a walking distance from our apartments. Most of the tourists would want to enjoy meals outside while on a holiday and thus room service often becomes irrelevant.

Do I get the same level of luxurious ambience as I get in the hotel?

Entire apartment has been done keeping in mind a lot of detail. Please go through the descriptions and pictures on this website. This apartment has no less than a star hotel ambience. Infact, one gets a lot of additional facilities like a DVD player with a collection of original Hollywood & Bollywood classics. One also gets to enjoy some of our original antique Goan furniture collection which is rarely available at the regular hotels.

What is so unique about ‘The Chimes’?

The Chimes is unique and special not only to us but all those who have come and stayed here. At The Chimes, one gets to taste the feel of collector’s Portuguese furniture and a luxurious ambience. It also provides the luxury of a fully automatic washing machine, fully equipped kitchen and split ACs in both the bedrooms and the living room. Designer looks with warm coloured premium furnishings add on to the plush ambience. All our guests enjoy the swing in the apartments and love to relax there. The swimming pool right across our apartments adds to the fun.

Can we smoke inside the rooms?

Kindly note that this is a NO SMOKING apartment. In case you still wish to, please take care to be in the balcony and dispose of the butts in the dustbin.

What if we damage/dirty/break anything at the apartment?

If you damage/dirty/break anything you have to fix it or pay for it. Many times guests coming to Goa get tattooed, leaving imprint on the bedsheets. Sometimes guest stains the towels beyond laundry washing. In this case we request the guest to pay us the full price of a new towel. Please note we need the apartment in the same condition as it was given to you to provide the same service to the next checkin guest. If anything gets damaged, a price needs to be paid. We understand that at home breakages do happen. We overlook small items, but do have to charge for major breakages due to improper use/ carelessness.

Please ensure that the kids are on with diapers while on the sofa or the bed. Soiled mattresses, cushions etc will be charged at 100% of the cost. Security deposit will be returned to you upon check out after deducting breakages (if any).

We also sincerely believe that these apartments have been made with a lot of love and passion and thus we are sure guests would treat it as they would have treated their own home.

When do you return my security deposit?

Once the manager confirms everything is in order and in the same condition it was given to you, he/she will return your money upon check out.

When should the security Deposit be paid?

Security Deposit must be handed over to the manager in cash on arrival.

Is ID proof a must for all guests?

Yes. Copies of Id proof like Aadhar, Passport or Election card are required to be given on arrival and original shown to the property manager. This is for all guests and is a mandatory rule by the government. The number of people including children should be mentioned at the time of the booking. Any extra guest will not be allowed, other than the ones mentioned in the booking.

Who is allowed to stay in the apartment?

Only the guests as mentioned in the confirmation by us are allowed to stay in this apartment.

Can we use the swimming pool?

Yes, only the confirmed guests can enjoy this facility. You cannot get your guests from outside. You have to follow the rules and regulations with respect to the Swimming pool as are given on the board near it. Please take care of smaller kids while going around the swimming pool area as there are no lifeguards around it.

How can I secure my valuables and cash while I am out of the apartment?

Please note that no one will enter the apartment except our own staff. However, cleaning of the apartment will be done anytime of the day so please utilise the electronic safe kept in the almirah to keep your valuables safe.

Is there a scope of discount on the tariff provided on this website?

Please do not ask for any discounts on the tariff provided. In case of a long stay which is 10 nights or more, we will ourselves offer you a discount. We assure you that our prices are absolutely genuine for the quality and location of apartments and the amenities that we provide.

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